Expansion, Elaboration, and Exemplification.

July 2014

Discovery of a link between T cell ageing and metabolism by the Founder (Lanna et al. Nature Immunology 2014)

January 2017

Identification of sMAC (Sestrin MAP kinase activation complex) as a multi-druggable longevity target (Lanna et al. Nature Immunology 2017)

May 2019

Establishment of Sentcell Ltd to translate the sMAC discovery into longevity (rejuvenating and anti-ageing) therapies following seed investment

April 2021

Series A funding to support IMPD application for first in human (FIH) DOS46L rejuvenating program and sMAC pipeline expansion

December 2021

International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filing for "Sestrin-MAP kinase complex inhibitors" describing synthesis of first in class disruptors of sMAC and their use to treat age-related diseases

June 2022

Recognition of DOS as a new immune rejuvenating class by the Indian Health Authorities

July 2022

Successful Preliminary Regulatory Meeting with the Medicine & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA, UK) to support FIH DOS46L clinical program

August 2022

Discovery of telomere transfer as a new anti-ageing intervention (Lanna et al. Nature Cell Biology)

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